who we are

Tyler with calf 4x6.jpg

Tyler, a University of Vermont graduate with a Masters of Science in Agronomy and Grazing Management, brings a strong academic agricultural background to the farm. On-farm work with the Natural Resources Conservation Service and the Northeast Organic Farming Association combined with years of experience grazing cattle, inspired Tyler to resign from his job in 2004, and move Stony Pond Farm in its current direction. Spring through fall is filled with long days of active work both on and off the farm, and winter often finds him earning turns in the Vermont backcountry, or riding the lifts at nearby Jay Peak.


Melanie, a Carnegie Mellon University graduate, brings a background in business and art to the farm. Her skill as a professional photographer contributes to her unique ability to perceive subtle events within the farms daily operation, and she is often involved with the identification and treatment of the frequently shifting and dynamic needs of the herd. As a gardener, Melanie enjoys maintaining the family’s vegetable plot and preserving food for winter months. Melanie also enjoys working on an ongoing array of photo projects in our in home studio, and equally enjoys culinary explorations in the kitchen, which often also feels like a studio of sorts as breakfast, lunch and dinner frequently are works of art.




Our children, Wyatt and Willow join the cast along with many other supporting members from Otis and Bridgett the farm dogs, to Pancho and Lefty the breeding bulls, or Trey, Page, and Fish the farms future bacon supply.